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1mpact is working in partnership with tow primary schools and a local community centre in Foleshiil, Coventry. With our range of new ESOL courses we are helping residents of Coventry to improve their English Language, Employability and Digital skills.

We are helping school parents at Little Health Primary, St Laurences Pirmary and the Foleshill Community Centre to support Non-English Speakers to improve their confidence by acquiring new skills.

We have plans to expand our successful Flexible Schools Outreach Project to a number of new schools and community centres in the Foleshill & Highfield wards.

Developing on the best practice we have developed under our other projects, Coventry was an ideal location to replicate our success

We are seeking School Partners, Faith organisations or Community organisations to work with in order to deliver an online ESOL and Employability course.


Please contact us if you want to find out more about our services and how we can help.

Our project is funded under the European Social Fund.


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