The English Beginner Course has content that is based on the Cambridge University Press English language course,which combines the best current learning methodology with an innovative syllabus that makes learning easier. It has been used by over 1.5 million learners in 113 countries worldwide.  The Beginner course has around 80 Hours of Learning Content delivered in 165+ Learning Objectives of the Cambridge Syllabus.


Develop all language skills
The English course is a truly engaging way to develop all your English skills in the Virtual Town of Velawoods: listening, reading, writing, speaking, grammar and vocabulary – in order to successfully use English for work, study or travel.
True self-study
The learning experience is carefully structured and supported so that you can learn on your own without the need for a real teacher.
Your very own virtual teacher
You will have your very own virtual teacher who will guide you through the course, highlighting and explaining the main language points and rules.


You are in control
You can decide how much time you want to spend learning each day. You have the choice of what to do; whether that be learning through the storyline and Lessons or practising in your virtual apartment, at your own pace, using a range of tools.
Your virtual apartment contains a variety of interactive practice exercises, games and quizzes personalised to your Course. These offer an enjoyable way to practice, improve and expand all your language skills, such as grammar usage and speaking.  It also includes a virtual Notebook for you to make your own notes and a Scrapbook which contains additional reading resources, personalised to your Course about all the characters in Velawoods; their backgrounds, hobbies, interests and stories.
Bite-sized learning
Each Course is organised into Lessons and each Lesson into Tasks. A typical Task can be completed in 15 minutes and covers one or more English language objectives. You will have a real sense of progress each time you log on.


You can learn English whenever and wherever you want (both offline and online). The application synchronises automatically across all your devices, whether you own a smart phone, tablet, PC or laptop. You can learn on one device and then seamlessly switch to another to continue your learning.


Purchasing gives you 12 month access to the Content.

English Beginner Course (A1)- Online

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