The Level 3 Diploma in Counselling Skills RQF qualification (600/0727/8) has been designed to provide you with an in-depth knowledge and competence of the counselling skills that can be used in every day life and the theoretical models that underpin the use of counselling skills. The qualification will also help you appreciate the importance of self-development.


This Level 3 Diploma in Counselling Skills RQF qualification enables you to work towards becoming a reflective practitioner of counselling. It also provides knowledge and understanding of the three main core theories and theorists that underpin counselling and addresses the nature of psychological problems and how they may be approached.


The qualification can count towards certain dimensions of the NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework including equality & diversity, personal & people development, communication and interventions & treatments.


This is a knowledge based course with practical aspects used to demonstrate your skills. To meet this criteria you will need to interact in a number of case study scenarios and provide audio / visual evidence to support these, so that your assessor can see you apply your knowledge to different situations and demonstrate your skills.


You will also be required to produce a number of activity records and reflective accounts, along with a development journal to help you track and reflect on how you have applied your counselling skills in your everyday life.

Diploma in Counselling Skills RQF Level 3

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