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If you are looking to change career, or want to get further qualified in your current occupation to gain promotion or added job security then we have a wide range of Professional Skills course at our online academy across a range of different industries.


Some learners just enjoy the journey of discovery, as they dig deep to unearth the structure and workings of subjects that previously they have only known from a distance. Whatever your reason is for enrolling on a course be reassured that you will receive some industry leading learning content. We have developed with our content partners a wide range of study options delivered on our unique Virtual Learning Platform.  Your course will build the knowledge and understanding you need and you gain an accredited qualification.


We have options for people wanting to gain qualifications in Hospitality Management, Wed Design, Healthcare, Teaching, Business, Sports , Fitness  & Wellbeing. There is something for everyone.


Our Professional Skills Academy Offer nicely compliments our other Academy offers. Whether you are an individual student starting our career, an established professional looking to gain new skills, a business looking for something to support your staff or a learning provider needing some leading learning content we have the solutions.

The learning will be delivered online with our partners and supported by industry qualified staff.

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