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Muslim Girl Studying

1mpacts Flexible Schools Outreach Service is an area we specialise in. Its our unique selling point.


We specialise in this due to our passion for education. and our experience of working in grassroots communities needing language support to break down barriers.


The School Outreach Service is delivered in Deprived Wards and those also classed as Assisted Areas with potential for economic growth but high need.

We target our recruitment in these locations and identify prospective schools from OFSTED reports indicating high EAL (English as Additional Language).

In the last 4 years we have delivered a number of very successful projects funded by European Social Fund, Good Things Foundation and Learndirect.

We have worked with schools in Luton, Coventry, Bedford & Leicester to deliver a range of education skills programmes such as ESOL from Pre-Entry Levels to Levels B1 incorporating Digital & Work Skills like CV Preparation, Interview Skills and Volunteering Placements. We supported 438 course starts.

The service is fantastic for schools to evidence at OFSTED their community work and helps parents become better skilled with improved language which helps their children and enables them to engage with schools better.

If you would like to discuss how we can help your school, your  parents and support your community work then please contact us for an informal chat.


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