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1mpact  is a licensed distributor and key UK partner of Velawoods English, a unique 40-lesson programme delivering English Speaking solutions to levels A1 & A2 using a Blended Delivery model consisting of a mix of online, App based learning with Tutor supported regular classes.


Velawoods is a Virtual town with Avatar based computer animated characters in real life everyday social scenarios in a storyline.


Lessons include going to the doctors, local travel, interacting in social settings and other common situations. It includes lots of speaking with Carnegie Speech recognition technology plus Reading, Writing & Listening.


Velwaoods has a unique cutting-edge content and has excellent feedback from students who love its style.


We think it’s something different to the more traditional ways of English study which puts students initially in virtual situations where they can try without fear of failure.


Velawoods English is a highly engaging and interactive experience. Using principles from gaming and film-making, the complete programme for learning the English language is brought to life through a storyline that you experience in the virtual town of Velawoods.


It puts the language into the context of real-life situations and uses Second language acquisition theory.


Velawoods English ensures that it is:


  • Easier to understand the language

  • Easier to retain the learning, especially new vocabulary and phrases

  • Easier to keep you engaged and complete the courses

  • Easier to prepare for the qualifications you want to do




Covering key areas of English grammar, our courses are broken down into four domains of speaking, reading, writing and listening. They also touch upon spelling, grammar and punctuation.

The Velawoods English programme supports students form Pre-Entry Level  to achieve A1 beginners level with the options to progress to A2 (intermediate ) and even B1. It has highly immersive and interactive content with a unique cutting edge design including built in speech analysis.


Students can progress right through to more advanced options where they can study IELTS up to levels 7.5. There is something for everyone. We even have some professional options to learn Industry specific English and courses designed to be delivered online in the host languages of Portuguese, Spanish & Arabic.

The interactive courses help you develop the core foundations to support you in your TEFL or IELTS examinations.


Developed by experts educators in English Language, the course’s pedagogy approach together with audio clips help explain key fundamental concepts of the English language.  Students also have access to online tutors and an online social forum, where they can interact with other students and practice their new English skills.

We have negotiated special discount arrangements with our content house and partners who will be supporting students on the course.

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