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At the Grocery Shop


New HFSS legislation will restrict location and volume promotions, instore and online, for prepacked products across various categories

Regulations will apply to businesses with 50+ employees that sell prepacked food and drink (including online retailers and retailers who do not primarily sell food or drink)

Non compliance could result in large fines.

Awareness and training about the changes is critical and there is little central support available.


Businesses within scope or trade bodies and councils overseeing the new regulations need urgent help or they will face major challenges navigating the changes,

1mpact can help support you with our industry leading experts.


1MPACT has a range of solutions to assist your business protect itself and help you navigate the upcoming HFSS compliance challenges.

Time is short and with the new legislation being launched in October 2022 you need to act quickly.


We can help you prepare your business and provide you with ongoing support to safeguard you against the financial risks of non-compliance.

Our industry leading experts have worked in the Food Nutrition and Food Manufacturing sector for 20 years and have specific HFSS knowledge around compliance and training and can provide the following solutions:

Management Training


In the form of workshops we can walk you through the latest guidance to help you prepare for the incoming implementation of the laws in October 2022.​​ This can be either onsite or online.

We can support you and your teams to establish if your products are within scope of HFSS restrictions​​

HFSS Calculations

We can calculate the HFSS scores for you or sense check your HFSS scores that you have calculated, based on your ingredients and nutrition information.

B2B HFSS Consultancy Support


Consultancy services can help you in your product development or reformulation journey to reduce the HFSS score. 


We can help businesses within and outside the UK to understand regulations, calculate HFSS scores and provide recommendations on reducing this score

Part of the supplier contracting support to businesses will include monitoring compliance with planogram, fixture location and promotions.


3rd Party Contracting Support

With 3rd parties responsible for overseeing the implementaion and monitoring of the laws and trade bodies providing advice we can provide contracting help.


We can contract our service to Local Authorities to support in monitoring compliance by businesses in scope​​.


Please contact us for pricing about the support packages we offer.


Online Business

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Foods or Drinks that are high in fat, sugar or salt (HFSS) are defined by the Department of Health’s Nutrient Profiling Model (NPM) are coming under new regulations and legislation in October 2022.


The UK government is looking at the causes of obesity which is one of the biggest health challenges the country faces. It's a 21st Century epidemic with huge hidden costs.

HFSS foods are under scrutiny and how businesses promote these in stores.

Did you know that: 

  • 2 in 3 adults in England are overweight or obese.

  • 1 in 3 children leave primary school overweight or obese

To tackle obesity the UK Government is bringing in sweeping new legislation that will drastically change the Grocery industry landscape and the way stores promote HFSS products. These are widely recognised as the biggest changes the industry  has faced in decades.

The new changes are largely misunderstood. Of more concern is many businesses are simply unaware they are within scope of these changes and the new legislation. They are not prepared for the changes or the conequences and financial risk they face for failure to comply with the new laws.

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