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Cutting Edge English Language Learning

Despite the ongoing political rumblings and lack of clarity around the UK's BREXIT strategy English will still remain the world’s main language for communication and business.

English Language skills are a key requirement in many overseas countries in the general education system and especially as students prepare for College, University or the World of Work. Often overseas a basic English qualification is an entry requirement.

Here is the UK with our large and diverse multi-cultural and ethnic community’s part of our 21st Century social fabric the importance of English Language skills has never been so important to help build and bring communities together.

We live to a certain extent in uncertain times and it is more important than ever for social integration and a better understanding of each other and the communities we all come from. Communication is therefore so important to help breakdown these barriers and better understand each other. Ultimately we are all human beings under the surface.

English Language and ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) has traditionally been delivered pretty much everywhere in stand up chalk and talk lessons run by tutors. Whilst there is always a place for this it will always be an expensive way of learning for students. 21st century lifestyles don't also always lend themselves to turning up to a lesson at a set time either. Whilst other online content is available it is very much aimed at those wanting a "phrase book" knowledge of the language.

New Leaning technologies can help and provide new ways of immersive and engaging learning direct to the learner via Tablets and Smart phones and develop a much deeper understanding.

We have linked up with such a partner and will be working closely with a niche English Product provider as a distributor of some incredibly exciting content delivered in a totally new way based around a Gaming and Film style with Avatar based characters in a Virtual Town. The Learning takes place in real life situations and therefore helps develop this deeper way of learning which ultimately means a richer experience for the student whilst studying as well as a better understanding to help in real life when putting the Language into practice.

The Learning is much more than that however and is specifically linked to the Cambridge Syllabus for English. We will be offering an 80 Hour beginners course with over 165 Learning Objectives and a second Elementary Course with around 100 Hours of content and 210 Learning Objectives. Once completed students will be in a position to consider taking the Cambridge English test (KET) .

The mode of delivery will enable students to learn with a Virtual tutor built into the product. A significant amount of time and an investment has allowed our partner to develop something we feel is unique in the world market and we are proud to be a key distributor in the Portuguese market. In addition our plans to also look at tackling the many challenges in the UK to take learning to the diverse communities we find. The challenge for many people without the basic Language skills are plain to see, social exclusion, lack of opportunities and ability to even to life’s basics.

For us this is an opportunity to help communities in the UK and aboard.

If you want to find out more please get in touch.

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